ZHIVISTIN. Dry extract in capsules. 180 caps.

A means of preventing cancer and successfully combating them in the early stages.


Dry extracts of chaga, burdock roots, plantain roots, Rhodiola rosea.

The unique medicinal properties of chaga are mainly due to the presence of a polyphenol carbon (chromogenic) complex of substances, which is not found in significant quantities in any plants known to science. Chaga has a direct effect on cancer cells, causing their apoptosis (programmed death), especially at the early stages of cancer. It prevents the occurrence of metastases, activating the immune system to destroy cancer cells directly in the bloodstream, before these cells enter healthy tissues.

The antitumor properties of burdock extract have long been well known. The concentrated fresh burdock juice shows the maximum efficiency.

The antitumor property is treated by traditional medicine recipes as an effective treatment remedy for external and internal oncologic neoplasms among many medicinal properties of the plantain extract

Rhodiola rosea is a powerful antioxidant and adaptogen; it protects the body from the development of oncologic deceases and prevents metastasis of tumors, fights against pathogenic microorganisms, produces an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as has a general strengthening effect and increases the body resistance to the impact of adverse environmental factors.


Increasing the body resistance to the impact of factors that cause oncologic deceases. Stimulating the immune system to recognize, block and destroy atypical cells.


Prevention and enhancement of the effect of drug therapy in the following cases:

benign and malignant tumors;

to prevent tumor recurrence after curative treatment;

to restore the body defenses after surgery;

to reduce the risk of the occurrence and development of tumors in case of chronic diseases;

to enhance the effectiveness of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.


Take 2 capsules 3 times a day 20-30 minutes before meals. The treatment course is 1 month.


Individual intolerance to ingredients.

Not a medicine.

CALORIC VALUE PER 100 g OF THE PRODUCT: 314 kcal/1311 kJ.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE PER 100 g OF THE PRODUCT: carbohydrates – 75 g, proteins – 20 g.


NET WEIGHT: 70 g (180 capsules)


Keep in a dry place protected from direct sunlight, out of the reach of children, at temperature not above 25 °C and air humidity up to 70% without sudden changes. After opening the consumer package, store in a tightly closed container in a dark, dry place.

SHELF LIFE: 2 years.

TC 11.07.19-005-20997969-2017.

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