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2 Zaozernaya St, Altaiskoe Village, Altai Territory, Russia, 659650 +7 (3854) 777-008, 555-802

At the present time, the enterprise has a production site with a developed engineering infrastructure.

The site is located in 2 kilometers from the village in a picturesque eco-friendly place. The main object is a plant for processing plant materials with a production area of more than 8 thousand sq. m.

The location of the enterprise and the conditions of its development can be called perfect. The production site with an area of more than 10 hectares outside the locality allows expanding and developing existing production.

The company’s main products are a wide range of solid and dry plant extracts and health products manufactured on their basis. Visterra owns a full set of technologies for processing various types of natural raw materials – herbs, bark, roots, leaves, coniferous raw materials, mushrooms, peat, therapeutic mud, antlers of Maral deer, etc. A distinctive feature of the enterprise is that most types of plant raw materials are processed in fresh form with more complete extraction of the natural complex of biologically active agents. Note that in his medical practice Hippocrates used medicinal plants without processing on the grounds that the fresh plants juices have netter effect on the human body.

Innovative development of the company is promoted by cooperation with specialized domestic scientific organizations, collaboration with the Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as with large manufacturers of traditional Chinese medicine products in Taiwan (Sun Ten Pharmaceutical CO., and КО DA HERBAL l EXTRACTS). The best that Eastern medicine has created over the millennia in the technologies of cultivation and processing plant materials is being adopted. Within the framework of this cooperation, our Chinese colleagues help to grow medicinal plant raw materials in introduction of new plant species and supply seeds.

Visterra borrows modern equipment and the latest achievements in the processing of raw materials from China and Taiwan and adopts hundreds of years proven formulations of traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, there is something that Visterra Company can share. This is, above all, the processing of fresh plant raw materials, processing of chaga, maral antlers, organomineral raw materials.

Visterra is the leading domestic producer of extracts from plant raw materials, delivers extracts to more than 200 companies in Russia and abroad (Korea, Serbia, Germany, Canada, China, Japan).

A complete closed cycle of production from raw materials to final products, processing of fresh plant raw materials and the use of innovative technologies create significant competitive advantages in the production of substances and products based on them and allow the formation of affordable prices for products.

On the territory of the enterprise there is a valley Altai Kholmogorye for family recreation with the best arboretum in Siberia and nursery of decorative and fruit-berry plants. Arboretum, two ponds for swimming, tea lounge cafe and other objects constitute a tourist complex.

In the Gifts of Altai pavilion, Visterra products are sold at affordable prices, as well as the best health products of the best producers of the Altai Territory, a significant part of which is made on the basis of extracts manufactured by Visterra. The sale of seedlings of ornamental and fruit-berry plants grown in our own nursery is organized. Ornamental plants and elements of landscape design can be found in the arboretum of the enterprise, tour guides give the necessary advice and guidelines for the care of chosen seedlings.

Those who wish can visit the enterprise, see everything with their own eyes, consult on the characteristics of the products sold, buy products at affordable prices, buy ornamental, fruit and berry plants. We are sure you will be satisfied with the visit.

2 Zaozernaya St, Altaiskoe Village, Altai Territory, Russia, 659650
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