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2 Zaozernaya St, Altaiskoe Village, Altai Territory, Russia, 659650 +7 (3854) 777-008, 555-802

The enterprise uses a wide range of different types of plant raw materials: herbs, roots, inflorescences, leaves, Siberian berries, vegetables and fruits. In addition to medicinal plant raw materials, a significant amount of non-pharmacopeial functional plant raw materials is processed – raw materials with an increased content of biologically active agents, trace elements and/or vitamins (herbs, roots, bark, leaves, inflorescences, etc).

The quality of raw materials depends on the conditions of its cultivation – the composition of the soil, the fertilizers used, the composition of the water for irrigation, environmental pollution, harvesting time, the drying conditions of raw materials, and the factors that stimulate plant growth. With intensive fertilizing of plants, even using organic fertilizers, we get “broiler” plants. We do not know the quality of imported to our country raw materials and from what raw materials the imported substances are produced. How it was grown, watered, dried? The ideology of the enterprise is to produce only natural high-quality products; it excludes the import of raw materials and substances of unknown quality. A significant part of plant raw materials is grown by the enterprise on its own plantations without the use of mineral fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Eco-friendly wild plant raw materials are harvested in areas without environmental footprint, mainly in the Altai Territory, the Republic of Altai and other regions of Siberia.

In the production of health products, the enterprise mainly uses raw materials with a strong impact on the organs and systems of the human body with proven effectiveness. The use of non-pharmacopoeial raw materials in production is justified by the long practice of its application in folk medicine and scientific research results. A significant part of Visterra products range contains extracts of hill-growing saltwort, burdock root, aspen bark, fir-tree needles, chaga, extracts of medicinal mud and red deer antlers.

2 Zaozernaya St, Altaiskoe Village, Altai Territory, Russia, 659650
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