Dog-rose (berries) extract dry

Latin name: Rosa canina

English name: Dog-rose

Used part of the plant: Berries

Main active ingredients: Ascorbic acid

Useful properties: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial (antibacterial), normalizes mineral metabolism, restorative, immunomodulatory, tonic, vasoconstrictor

Rosehip has a lot of useful properties. This is especially true of its berries-the fruits contain vitamins and many other substances, improves the immune system and has a tonic and beneficial overall effect on all body systems.


The extract is made of rosehip fruit by special technology. Contains a large percentage of the active substance-ascorbic acid. The composition of the raw material is completely natural, for the manufacture of the extract is used specially grown wild rose and wild, not subjected to harmful influences. The production technology allows to keep a maximum of useful properties.

Instruction for use

Kind — dry extract of rose hips. Refers to bioactive food additives. Action-antiviral, antimicrobial, restorative, tonic.

Widely used for:

creation of various BAA;
functional product;
sports nutrition;
food industry.

Products, for the manufacture of which the dry extract of rose hips was used, can refer to different directions. Rosehip allows you to saturate the final product with vitamins, antioxidants and other useful substances.


It should be remembered about individual intolerance, allergic reactions. With caution, use the final product during pregnancy, during breastfeeding.

Reception scheme

Depending on the specialization of the final product and its purpose. The reception scheme is free or limited by specifics.


The popularity of rosehip fruit extract is constant. The success of this product among manufacturers of bioactive food additives, functional and sports nutrition, food products is due to many reasons, including:

availability of funds;
its security;
the ability to add to the final product the taste and useful properties of rosehip extract.

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