VISTERIA. Non-Alcoholic Balm. 200 ml

It has a beneficial effect on the work of the female genital area.

Rhodiola algida takes one of the first places in the treatment of gynecological diseases. It is especially effective in case of endometriosis and erosion. It restores and normalizes the menstrual cycle, stops and eliminates inflammations.

Ortilia secunda is used in case of inflammatory gynecological diseases, uterine fibroids, infertility, uterine bleeding, toxicosis, menstrual disorders, adhesive processes, tubal obstruction and inflammation, cervical erosion.

Chaga extract has a normalizing effect on many organs and systems. Chaga is used in the treatment of female inflammatory diseases, inflammation of the uterus and ovaries, cervical erosion, purulent cysts.

Yarrow exercises anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-allergic, wound healing and hemostatic effects. It is used in case of uterine bleeding.

In traditional and folk medicine, motherwort is valued for its calming, sedative, cardiotonic, antispasmodic, bactericidal and hypotensive effects.

Lady’s-mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) is known among many herbalists due to its beneficial effect of progesterone.

Mint is used in case of painful menstruation and inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.

Origanum takes a leading position according to the content of phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen in its structure and action is similar to natural female hormones. It provides women with good health and normalizes irregular menstrual cycle.

Peony root is used to relieve premenstrual syndrome and in case of many gynecological diseases. Peony is contraindicated during pregnancy.


The herbal ingredients included to the balm have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the female reproductive system organs and exercise a healing effect during various gynecological diseases.

The balm promotes the improvement of the overall well-being, alleviates unpleasant symptoms of the menopause, helps to relieve discomfort and spasms during painful menstruations, stabilizes the endocrine profile and acts as a general strengthening prophylactic means.


It normalizes the menstrual cycle and improves the well-being during menopause. It is used as auxiliary means in the complex treatment of the following female diseases:

myomas; uterine fibroids, polycystic ovaries, polyps on the uterus; uterine bleeding, infertility, tubal obstruction and inflammation, ovarian cysts, toxicosis, cystitis, erosion and dysplasia of the cervix.


Dissolve 1 tablespoon of the balsam in 100-150 ml of water and take 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The treatment course is 1 month.


Individual intolerance to ingredients.

Not a medicine.

CALORIC VALUE PER 100 g OF THE PRODUCT: 291 kcal/1219 kJ.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE PER 100 g OF THE PRODUCT: carbohydrates – 74 g.


VOLUME: 200 ml


Keep in a dry place protected from direct sunlight, out of the reach of children, at temperature not above 25 °C and air humidity up to 70% without sudden changes. After opening the consumer package, store in a tightly closed container in a dark, dry place for max. 30 days.

SHELF LIFE: 2 years.

TC 11.07.19-006-20997969-2017.

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