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It’s no secret that plant extracts are used in different industries. In food, pharmaceutical, confectionery, cosmetic and many others.

So, in honor of the first winter holiday in Altai was announced an open competition of chefs! He entered the program of the holiday “Altai wintering”, dedicated to the opening of the winter tourist season in the region.

Our projects, valley family holiday “Altai Hillside café Dill & toast” took an active part in the Contest.

Culinary skills of the participants were appreciated by the famous Moscow chef, TV presenter, food producer Vasily Emelyanenko and brand chef of the Barnaul house-restaurant “Yasnaya Polyana” Sergey Ternov. Also, the jury consisted of the founder of the School of barman art MASTERMiX (Barnaul) and President of the Bartenders Association of Russia in the Altai region Andrei Sapsai.

Masters of our region presented works in two categories: “the best dessert “Altai wintering” and “the Best winter drink”. The main condition for the contestants was the use of local products.

The winners in the category ” best dessert “Altai wintering” were:

1st place-house-restaurant “Yasnaya Polyana” with dessert ” Swan lake”
2nd place – Valley family holiday “Altai Hillside” dessert “Chaga mousse”
3rd place – “Altai Palace Hotel” LLC with “Invernada” dessert”

The winners in the category “Best winter drink” were:

1 place – cafe “Dill and Toast” with a drink ” Happiness is not far off, it is in the hills”
2 place – LLC “SPA Resort – Cedar” restaurant “taiga” drinks “Later from the hips”
3rd place – the Restaurant “Gornaya Apteka” drink Tonic balm cherry juice”

Reveal the recipes!

Dessert “Chaga mousse”

Ingredients: chaga mushroom (chaga extract), creamy mousse with white chocolate combined with Kurd from Altai apples. Served with beetroot chips, berries and crumble. Description of taste: creamy taste with a unique woody shade of chaga combined with a light texture of moderately sweet Apple cream. The impression is completed by the aftertaste of dark chocolate, crunch of chips with subtle notes of beet, sweetness of white chocolate and shortbread cookies with a pleasant acidity of forest berries of Altai.

Drink ” Happiness is not far off, it is in the hills”

Ingredients: berry juices and extracts of Aronia (aka black Chokeberry), sea Buckthorn, Apple, Viburnum diluted with spring water, brought to taste the juice of Burdock May and Hodgepodge, with the addition of Altai honey and dry herbs from their own garden. All the ingredients for the drink grown and produced in the Valley a family holiday “Altai Hillside”, extracts manufactured by the company “Visterra”.

Description of taste: astringency of Aronia, acidity of sea Buckthorn and Apple, a light aroma of Viburnum, the use of Burdock May and Solyanka Hill in combination with the sweetness of Altai honey and the aroma of herbs create a truly divine winter drink that will warm in any frost.

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2 Zaozernaya St, Altaiskoe Village, Altai Territory, Russia, 659650
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